The festive season is just around the corner and we can’t wait for a much-needed break! Christmas and New Years is usually a memorable time but it can be hectic and even devastating for some. According to the NSW Bureau of Crime Statistics and Research, there are significant increases in crime during Christmas and New Year’s Eve.

If this is happening in NSW, it can surely happen in VIC. Considering these risk factors, we want to make sure home-owners and landlords are protected and have contingency plans set in place.

So here are our 10 Strata Tips for the Holiday Season:

  1. Befriend your neighbours and have each other’s back. If you notice any unusual people, vehicles or tradies at an odd time, be vigilant and communicate it to your neighbours.
  2. Having a party? Let your neighbours know or better yet, invite them! Do note that indoor noise in residential properties must reduce at 11 pm [The Noise Act 1996].
  3. Are you going away? Or live in a windy area? Secure your outdoor furniture on your balcony or verandah. You don’t want them causing damage whilst you’re away!
  4. Does your strata have a list of recommended tradesmen, locksmiths, electricians and plumbers? Have all the emergency numbers saved on your phone. If a major fault occurs, make sure you get the right trade on board.
  5. Secure your home while you’re away: lock all doors and windows. If your home is visible or easily accessible from the street, be extra vigilant. Install timed lights to switch on during typical times of activity to create the illusion that someone is home.
  6. Worried about theft? Engrave your valuables with your car registration number – this is the fastest way to trace your valuables back to you.
  7. Pause newspaper or magazine subscriptions – a full mailbox is a huge giveaway that you’re not home! Organise someone to empty your mailbox for you, or arrange your mail to post to your local Australia Post office.
  8. Before you go overseas, share your itinerary with your emergency contact. Check this website for more tips on overseas travel before you go! Double-check that your strata manager has your correct contact details
  9. Do you have your property listed on AirBnB? Will you be away during this time? Either pull your property out of the listing (or snooze your listing) or make sure that someone will be able to manage your property on behalf of you. Have rules set in place for partiers and print notices about noise and damage rules. Prepare a Terms & Conditions or Agreement letter they can consent to hold them accountable. 

These tips will help reduce any avoidable risk and damage. Have these things set in place so you can focus on just having a good time! We hope you have a safe and merry holiday!

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